May 2016

Will there be a fourth major Gulf airline? With Iran now removed from the sanctions list, it seems national carrier Iran Air is looking to join the ranks of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways.

As soon as the restrictions were lifted on January 16, Iran Air agreed to receive a large fleet of aircraft worth the head-spinning US$27 billion. The initial deal was for no fewer than 118 aircraft from European manufacturer Airbus, but it seems more and more probable that a future order may also go to Boeing. Iran Air also signed an agreement to purchase 72 ATR commuter planes from French-Italian manufacturer ATR, 12 of which are firm orders and are expected to be in service later this year. But it’s not the end of the crazy shopping spree of the Iranians. Now a further contract has been signed to acquire 50 aircraft from Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. Nevertheless, it seems that Airbus has won the lion’s share of potential business. Provided everything goes according to plan, Iran Air will be taking delivery of 73 long-haul and 45 short-haul aircraft.
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