August 2017

No matter what time of day you arrive in Hong Kong, the panorama of the city that suddenly unfolds in front of your eyes is truly impressive. And no wonder, because Hong Kong is a city whose horizon is as high as its impressive skyscrapers which are in no way inferior to those you can see in Manhattan.

Today Hong Kong is a mixture of exotic Asia and British tradition, firmly established for 156 years, when in 1842
England took over the city after the end of the first Opium War and it continued to administer until 1997. When Hong Kong returned to China in 1997, the Chinese government gave it the status of a Special Administrative Region. In this way the territory was allowed to retain its own capitalist economic and political system. English remains the official language, and the Hong Kong dollar the official currency. Importantly, China’s takeover of Hong Kong hasn’t stooped the dynamic development of the city. Note that the gross national product (GDP) per capita is $25,600-25,800, the unemployment rate doesn’t exceed 5.2 per cent, and the individual income tax reaches a maximum of 16 per cent of total income. Hong Kong is still regarded as one of the most exclusive destinations in Asia and ranks first in the IQ ranking of its residents, with an average of 107!

I hope that our cover article will inspire you to visit Hong Kong or, perhaps even encourage you to invest in this truly fascinating city.

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