December 2016

I wanted to fly to Reykjavik to visit the northernmost capital of Europe, the
mecca for hipsters and music lovers. It greeted me with the Northern Lights that I saw from the plane and I couldn’t take my eyes off it all night. The capital of the island is white, blue and red. Life here is slow, stylish and free of glitz and aggressive self-promotion.

Low wooden buildings perfectly blend with the dark blue background of the sea surface that appears at the end of the Reykjavik’s narrow streets.
Iceland charms with its nature and lifestyle, which is simple, yet refined, as is the island’s unique music and cuisine based on seafood. When should you visit this remarkable place that lies just about 4-hour flight from Poland?
In the winter there is a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. In the summer, on the other hand, when days are longer and the temperature reaches 18 degrees Celsius, you can go into volcano craters or bathe in the hot springs as well as in the wonderfully cool waterfalls.

To see the Northern Lights, the new Harp building in Reykjavik, glittering like a crystal in the land of ice, go on the Golden Circle tour, watching waterfalls and geysers, bathe in the Blue Lagoon – a natural 8,700 sqm geothermal spa situated among the lava fields, and set out on a cruise in search of whales. Have you already planned all of this for the next year?
On behalf of the entire editorial staff and the publisher, I would like to wish you a wonderful, successful and passionate New Year 2017.

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