December 2018

With the imminent New Year, travellers look forward to new, exciting journeys. This is also a perfect time to ask yourself a few serious questions. Are you, perhaps, bored of travelling? Or do you sometimes feel slightly fed upwith long-haul flights, frequent business trips, hours spent at airports, timezone changes and consequent jet lags? My answer is always the same: I’m never tired of travelling as long as I’m well prepared to my trip and I’ve or-ganized it myself.

I hope that you will find the info we collect for you whiletravelling around the world, useful when preparing to your next business trip in the oh-so-exciting 2019. I wish you numerous interesting travels, though for most of us they are our day-to-day reality.

In this issue I especially recommend our cover article, inviting you to visit one of the most remarkable countries in Asia and a real mecca for businesspeople – the city-state of Singapore. Conveniently located at the centre of Southeast Asia’s air and sea lanes and naturally positioned as a gateway between Eastern and Western cultures, Singapore is an ideal home to many of the world’s leading companies. Changi International, the eight-time winner of the Skytrax Award for the world’s best airport, plays a crucial role here, linking Singapore to some 400 cities in 99 countries by 120 airlines.

You will find out about numerous exciting options Singapore has forMICE organizers, as well as leisure travellers. On behalf of the entire editorial staff and the publisher, I would like to wish you a wonderful, successful and passionate New Year 2019.

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