December 2017

In this issue, I particularly recommend our article about Las Vegas - a city spreading its wings again. Following a several years of recession the Sin City has been experiencing a true renaissance.

While most of the development taking place in Downtown is privately funded, the City of Las Vegas also has a master plan. “Vision 2045”, as it is known, claims to be “the most ambitious planning document crafted by the city since its inception in 1905”. It describes a future Downtown that will become “the cultural and economic hub of the region” and “a network of neighbourhoods that will enjoy the highest quality of life, built on the legacy and energy of local culture, green
infrastructure, education, and a robust and diversi ed economy”.

It says that start-ups and local entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of incubator space, and there will be tax incentives to get new businesses o the ground.
Over the next 25 years, Downtown hopes to have carved out nine hectares of parks and plazas with hundreds of young trees. Bike paths and walking trails will be increased seven-fold and 16,000 new jobs will have been generated. It will also be looking to implement “smart city” innovations such as co-ordinated IT and way nding systems for tra c and parking management, while 50 per cent of its energy will come from renewable sources. If it continues on this trajectory, Las Vegas may become one of of the most attractive cities in the US.

On behalf of the entire editorial sta and the publisher, I would like to wish you a wonderful and passionate New Year 2018, with plans at least as ambitious as those of Las Vegas.

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