February 2018

Longing for the sun we often decide to visit exotic islands. Maldives and Mauritius are perfect destinations for those seeking high temperatures, which you won't nd in Europe at this time of the year.

When the Maldives rst made it onto the tourist map 45 years ago, it was all rustic huts and rough-and- ready liveaboard dive trips. Those days are long gone now. But fast forward to 2017 and you will nd superyachts, ice rinks, luxurious overwater villas with butlers, expansive spas, great chefs and feats of engineering, such as the world’s largest underwater restaurant.

The Maldives has diversi ed its activity holidays too. Mauritius, situated in the Indian Ocean o the coast of South Africa, is considered to be one of the most
beautiful places in the world. For many Europeans and Americans it embodies the fantasy of a tropical paradise. Formerly under the rule of the French, Dutch and English, today the independent Mauritius is famous for its sandy beaches and sophisticated hotels where Tony Blair, Paul McCartney and Pierce Brosnan spend their holidays.

The fairytale-like resort of St Geran regularly hosts the singer Chris de Burgh, Prince Maurice is the favourite destination of the world’s royalty, while in Royal Palm with a bit of luck you can come across J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter saga.

For more facts about those fabulous places, read the article “The Paradise on the Ocean”. I hope it will inspire you to pay a visit to one of those exotic islands in winter.

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