June 2017

Washington DC occupies a 177 sq km plot of land. It is a compact, low-rise city with grand neoclassical architecture arranged around the National Mall, which stretches between the Lincoln memorial in the west and the Capitol in the east. When it was founded in 1790 by George Washington, its four ten-mile borders created a neat square. It was designed as a federal entity distinct from the rest of US.

Even today, when every one of America’s 50 states has a democratic voice in the form of representation in Congress, the capital’s 670,000 citizens do not. It is part of no state and has limited home rule. It has never had a senator and it wasn’t until the 1960s that people were given the right to vote in elections. All DC has is a non-voting delegate. As a consequence, residents have little say on issues related to healthcare, the environment, social security or gun laws.

It is no surprise to hear that locals have been campaigning for Washington DC to gain statehood. For more details, I recommend reading our cover article, entitled: “Washington: beyond politics”. Enjoy your reading!

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