March 2018

Will the eccentric billionaire Elon Musk revolutionize the space industry by having his engineers construct a reusable rocket-powered spacecraft? There is a chance that by drastically reducing the costs of space travel, will allow us for further explorations and revealing the secrets of the universe.

Later this year, if all goes to plan, two very wealthy amateur astronauts will lift o in a rocket from Kennedy Space Center’s Pad 39A – the same launchpad used by the Apollo missions back in the 1970s – before looping around the Moon and returning to Earth. The spaceship will skim its surface, go quite a bit further into deep space and then loop back to our planet. The ight is expected to last a week, and the price remains undisclosed.

One thing is certain – never before was a trip to Mars as likely as it is today. Conquering the Red Planet is one of the major goals and ambitions of Elon Musk. He has recently announced that he will be able to launch a private expedition to Mars by 2024, more than a decade ahead of what the American agency NASA plans. So far, SpaceX has sent 10 communication satellites into orbit.

You can nd out more about the future of space tourism by reading our cover article entitled „Fly me to the Moon”. Enjoy your reading.

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