May 2019

I’m sure I don't have to tell you how important it is to travel with an airlinethat offers comfortable seats in its cabins. In this issue of BT you will find auseful guide of the most popular business class seats as offered by the world’s major air carriers.

To keep in line with latest trends in the industry, all top players are trying toachieve a fully-flat bed in the smallest amount of space. The fully-flat bed is deemed essential by travellers who want to sleep on night flights and maximi- se productivity so they can hit the ground running at their destination. Direct aisle access is also preferred, to avoid an awkward climb over your neighbour. At the same time, airlines want to strip out as much weight as possible fromthe design, since every extra kilogram adds to the fuel bill.

Rather than design the seat from scratch, most airlines adapt the off-the–shelf products of the major seat manufacturers – of course, the exact speci-fications change not only from one carrier to another, but from one aircrafttype to another.

We will focus on the following seats: Super Diamond from Collins Aero-space, Apex from Rockwell Collins, Cirrus designed by Zodiac Aerospace,Optima from Acumen Design Associates and Priestmangoode, Stelia Solstysfrom Stelia Aerospace and finally Thompson Vantage. Enjoy your reading andwonderful trips in business class cabins!

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