November 2016

Stockholm is undoubtedly a city of the future. Last year, it was ranked third in the European Digital City Index (behind London and Amsterdam) and, for a period, gave birth to more unicorns (billion-dollar start-ups) than any other place on the planet except Silicon Valley.

No mean feat given its population of only one million people. While fledgling businesses prefer the vibe in the city centre, large companies such as Intel, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Huawei have chosen to position themselves in Kista district1. It is also home to the HQ of Swedish telecom giant Ericsson, which helped to bring the world 3G. In 2018, Stockholm will be the first of two cities on the planet (along with Estonian capital Tallinn) to have 5G, which workers in Kista are trialling.
The city council’s Vision 2040 blueprint intends for Stockholm to be “the most connected city in the world”. The new Urban ICT Arena for digital development launched in the tech park a few months ago – projects include the “Not Boring 5G Bike”, demonstrating a bright future for the Internet of Things in Sweden.
I encourage you to read our cover article where our British correspondent provides a lot of fascinating facts about this remarkable city.

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