October 2017

I visited the capital of France in May this year. I walked around my favourite districts that I have known for years, and popped into the same museums and restaurants as before. Now, encouraged by our cover story, I am eager to see Paris again, this time to visit the fast-growing La Défense district.

This is because the city government has embarked on turning La Défense into a place not only for work but for
living and socialising, too. Central to this is a host of ambitious projects, some of which will set new records for
scale. You will find there, among others, an “art walk” that takes in more than 60 al fresco sculptures, a
freestanding chimney decorated in rainbow stripes, as well as an urban garden near the Yaacov Agam
fountain. But developers want to improve it further, with mixed-use projects that cater to tourists and locals alike. The best example of this is Hermitage Plaza, a pair of towers being designed by Foster and Partners that will stand at 320 metres tall, making them the highest not only in Paris but in the EU. I do hope that the article “Paris: towering ambitions” will be an inspiration for your further travel explorations.

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