April 2019

In this issue I would like to particularly recommend articles that I hope will inspire you to spend your summer weeks away from work.

Greek islands are a great idea for a holiday. In spite of the financial diffi- culties Greece has faced in recent years, travellers continue to visit its sandy beaches, cosy coves and verdant olive groves. Island hopping presents the opportunity to enjoy several islands in one trip. We present here our subjectivelist of the five most beautiful of the Greek islands: Santorini, Mykonos, Rho- des, Crete and Corfu, which can be accessed by air or one of the many ferries departing from the port of Piraeus.

Another destination we recommend in this issue is surrounded by turquoisewaters of the Caribbean Sea, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula – one of the mostfascinating places in the Caribbean. Perfectly preserved monuments of ancientMayan and Toltec civilizations, ubiquitous cacti, pelicans and flamingos, aswell as the famous tequila sipped in this climate from the very morning – all

of this makes up a fantastic place for a memorable holiday. Cancún, Playa delCarmen, Tulum and pyramids in Chichén Itzá are particularly worth checking. Thinking intensly about the coming summer months myself, I do hope you

will enjoy this month’s issue of Business Traveller Poland.

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