July 2016

In 2015 Toronto was named the world’s best city to live in by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The Canadian metropolis provides its residents with a high standard of living, friendly geographic location, a wide range of cultural activities and excellent cuisine. This fascinating, cosmopolitan city, whose greatest treasure is the people coming here from all over the world, is also famous for its immense tolerance.

Interestingly, compared with 2005, when there were only 13 buildings taller than 150 metres, today there are more than 40. And incredible it may seem, currently there are more than 130 skyscrapers under construction. The population of Toronto (2.8 million for the city proper) is also on the rise – today, it is the fourth-biggest city in North America, after Mexico City (first), New York (second) and LA (third).

Every year the metropolis is visited by more than 14 million tourists who come here to see the picturesque Ontario Lake along with the vast forests and learn about the country’s ice hockey traditions. But this is a city that rivals Chicago – and there is talk that in 50 to 70 years we will actually be larger than LA.
Read our cover article to find out more facts and trivia about this incredibly fascinating place – widely considered one of the most desirable cities to live in. Enjoy your reading and have a fantastic holiday!

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