A business trip is a part of our daily life and therefore seldom seems special, but if you think longer about it, you will be able to define certain principles which determine whether your trip is going to be successful and pleasurable.

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That is why, we have made a list of 101 pieces of advice which might improve the comfort of your business trips.

That’s not all. Even the best advice seems pointless, if you are let down by the thing which largely contributes to overall comfort of your journey, especially during a transfer from one plane to another. I’m talking here about the luggage. Our editors did a great job (but it’s for you to decide), and tested various brands of suitcases. In this issue you can read a special report on their findings.

This month we also present Berlin’s airports, as well as hotels in Zakopane, Warsaw, Łódź, Copenhagen, and Istanbul. Add to this, a short stroll along the beautiful city of Moscow, and the charm of incentive trips in Tenerife. We invite you to take a truly remarkable trip aboard a luxurious Prince Albert II cruise ship which visits the places where other vessels can’t go, and the cruise has always a character of a scientific expedition. Finally, we encourage you to read the results of the latest edition of Business Traveller Awards which are annually voted for by our readers.

Let’s not forget about our health. A business trip can be an excellent opportunity to take some exercise, especially after long and tiring meetings, and these days well-equipped hotel fitness centres are open even 24/7. As you will learn from our article, you don’t really have to slog your guts out in a gym to stay fit. How should we do it, then? Enjoy your reading.


Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland