JUNE 2011

To be in good shape – that’s more or less the central theme of this issue of Business Traveller. We have made an attempt – hopefully with some success – to create a list of hotels with an interesting fitness offer. It turns out that the number of people who consider it vital when choosing a hotel, is considerable and the list of the hotels is quite extensive – both in Poland and abroad.


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Another health-related issue concerns cosmetic surgery which, these days, you can undergo even on your business trip. It’s by no means a rare phenomenon. Many businesspeople claim that they feel much better and healthier after such a surgery.

In this issue we also invite you on a flight to Paris and Budapest, and recommend hotels in Cracow and the Masuria. We check a couple of hotel chains and airlines, and visit Frerenc Liszt airport in Budapest, which has a huge ambition to become the main hub in this part of Europe.

We also devote much space to conference trips. Apparently everything has already been said and written about Milan. Or has it? The city is developing dynamically, and there is always something going on. World Expo, which will be held in 2015, is a nice inspiration for investment in the area of Lombardy.  We perceive Milan as a place with plenty of opportunities to organize a business meeting. A stone’s throw from Milan, in Sicily, we try to find out what facilities are offered for companies which are planning their incentive trips. It turns out that the island’s offer is really huge and very attractive.

Traditionally, Business Traveller doesn’t forget about slightly less serious matters. We give you some tips about how to spend a couple of hours in Riga, or where to make an appointment for a golf game in Brussels.  And finally, the last but not least – a cruise aboard Azamara Quest. It’s a great idea for an inspiring holiday and also a very healthy option, as the ship features extensive fitness and spa facilities. After all, who wouldn’t like to return from their holiday in a better shape? Enjoy your reading.

Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland