APRIL 2011

There is a nice word in English – “ubiquitous”, which roughly speaking means “omnipresent”.



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This word is also often used in the world of the modern technologies, especially in the context of access to information, independently of the fact where we are at the moment. Without any doubt, we are experiencing now a big revolution in terms of new hardware and software which is supposed to make our lives easier. In this issue we look closer at computer and telephone applications which can be useful while on a business trip.

The means of communications are changing rapidly and so are planes. Recently the Warsaw airport hosted the new Airbus A380. Since we also were there, we share here our impressions on this huge machine. That’s not the only aviation-related articles you will find in this issue. I especially recommend the feature on helicopter landing pads (in short ‘helipads’) both in Poland and worldwide. We also visit the airport in Frankfurt, the main hub of Lufthansa and one of the most dynamically expanding airports in the world.

Of course, travel is not only about aircraft. This month we also write about hotels in Łódź and Wrocław, describe the new, business-friendly face of Beijing, visit Seychelles – the islands which are excellent for a holiday rest, and also have a closer look at Estonia – a country which is so close to us, but still unknown to most Poles, although it is a great place to organize an incentive trip. As for golf, this month we visit the golf courses of Algarve, Portugal. Those who are interested in Qatar and its cities, will find here an interesting piece on Doha.

As always, we haven’t forgotten about other topics related to the life of a businessperson. We have tested for you a few laptops which can be especially useful at your work, visited the wellness centre of Warsaw’s InterContinental hotel, and checked the latest novelties from the automotive industry.  Finally, we have visited Hungary to see whether their cuisine can satisfy our tastes. Ubiquitous. We are omnipresent. Enjoy your reading.

Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland