Usually, we associate holiday with rest and relaxation, but during that period our businesses don’t stop operating.



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Luckily, it’s now possible to combine work with pleasure and while taking care of our professional matters give ourselves some time to relax. Examples? There are plenty of them, starting with a short trip to Hungary, where during summer holiday two exceptional sporting events take place: the spectacular Air Show in Budapest, and another truly unforgettable experience – a visit to Hungaroring circuit to watch a Formula One race.

Croatia is also an ideal place to unwind in a pleasant atmosphere. The country is full of beautiful beaches and offers numerous opportunities for incentive travels. Not to mention an unforgettable cruise around the Adriatic and Aegean sea aboard the majestic The Splendour Of The Seas. It would be wrong not to mention the picturesque Bornholm island and France with its seven Club Med villages.

However a true business traveller never forgets about his duties and those are inextricably intertwined with hotels, aircraft and airports. In this issue we present the Hilton hotel in Warsaw, Scandic in Gdańsk, Ibis in Poznań and two Istanbul’s hotels. We also take you to Kastrup airport in Copenhagen – the main airport of the North Europe, and to Berlin where we have found several places which are a must to see while you have a break at work. Also, as usually, you will find here a lot of interesting information and news on the travel industry, especially with a closer look at offers of various airlines.

For the dessert the articles on novelties in the automotive industry, technology and about something which makes our journeys so pleasant – wine – this time the Austrian one.

Enjoy your reading.


Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland