February 2013

Is it possible that in 40 years time passenger aircraft will feature “smart seats” which will adjust to the shape of the body of a person? Experts claim that this is not a dream, but a real future possibility! We might be able to live to see the times when business, first, and economy class cabins cease to exist. Instead, mid- and long-haul aircraft seating 250-350 passengers, will feature three key zones – Vitalising, Interaction and Smart Tech.




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The first, located at the front of the light-filled, glass-roofed aircraft, will offer panoramic views. Recline in a seat here and you could experience a “sound shower”, electronic acupressure therapy, a gentle breeze or the scent of eucalyptus, antioxidantenriched air and vitamins, and lighting to suit your mood! Each zone will offer a unique experience but one that is linked to your budget, so the more you pay, the more access you have to the benefits this technology offers. When you move to the central Interaction Zone to play a round of virtual golf or enjoy a cocktail at the pop-up bar, before returning to your seat in the Smart Tech zone at the back to enjoy a film or talk to your family back home on your personal, gesture-controlled heads-up display. For those who desire privacy to conduct a business meeting or enjoy a romantic dinner, pods will allow them to conduct video-conferencing, while projections on the walls could be tailored to create a customised environment. I could go on and on with those visions, asking endless questions… If you want to know more about the solutions of the future, I recommend you to read our feature article “Blue Sky Thinking”.


Marzena Mróz, Editor in Chief