February 2014

A business trip is a special thing. You’re still at work, but away from your desk and the comforts related to stationary work. You’re on your own, without a personal assistant and instant access to necessary equipment.

To make matters worse, you often need to cross several time zones within one day risking terrible jet lag, spend whole days at conferences in air-conditioned rooms and order unhealthy, late dinners. That’s why it’s so important for frequent travellers to be able to choose best airlines, book hotels with the most comfortable beds, know which airports have the most convenient business lounges, buy a good laptop to substitute their office computer on a business trip, and purchase a good suitcase.

Trying to identify the brands that best cater to the needs of business travellers, last year, for the first time in its history BT Poland organized an opinion poll among its readers, to find out their views in this matter. I recommend you our cover article entitled „The Best of the Best” in which we listed companies that know how to please frequent travellers. Enjoy your reading and have a wonderful experience while testing the products that we recommend.

okladka luty ang

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