February 2020

In this issue of BT, we focus on business destinations such as Vietnam and Georgia. In recent years Hanoi has been developing very rapidly, fighting for the name of a new Asian tiger. In addition to the climate of the old Vietnam, the capital city offers business development opportunities, following the example of Samsung, which has invested here billions of dollars in smart- phone factories. Hanoi is developing so quickly that some streets are being constructed before they can be officially named.

Georgia is also enjoying a renaissance, helped along by its outstanding wines. Located in the South Caucasus, along with its westerly neighbours Armenia and Azerbaijan, it has always been a crossing place. Lying between Europe and Asia, and between the Caspian and Black Seas, with a distance of only 700 miles between the two, makes it a natural transit point. It was once on the Silk Route, but with the discovery of the oil fields around Baku in Azerbaijan, oil was transported by rail over to the Black Sea.

Since 2014, Georgia has been part of the European Union’s Free Trade Area, with the EU continuing to be the country’s largest trading partner, acco- unting for more than a quarter of Georgia’s total trade turnover. No wonder that the country’s development prospects have never been as optimistic as today.

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