Every day there’s an ongoing festival somewhere in the world, with fireworks going off and people going out on the streets.



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Festivals are ubiquitous and are a good occasion to earn decent money. Organizers of incentive trips do know about it and their offers include numerous trips to the most distant parts of the world. We have decided (not only because of the approaching New Year) to have a closer look at those offers.

A journey is of course inseparably connected with a hotel stay.   Finding out that a hotel in which we are going to stay is a five star property, can lure us into believing that we know exactly what we can expect from it. It turns out, however, that granting stars is a complicated matter, sometimes quite inconsistent and not always regulated by any norms. Therefore it’s worth checking page 46 and read the article in detail.

Similarly, hotel mini bars are a true mystery to lots of hotel guests. We open the refrigerator to get a bottle of mineral water and suddenly find out that the hotel set it price as high as if there was liquid gold inside. How come hotel mini bars offer products at such maxi prices? You’ll find it out on page 50.

I also recommend reading our features on interesting trips – in this issue we write about hotels inBudapest,Berlin, and inTenerife. We also flew across the ocean toNew YorkandMiami.Namibiaseems equally distant, but it’s definitely worth going there because an incentive trip organized to such a place is always a truly unforgettable experience.

If you feel like having a short break to relax (which seems so necessary in the life of a businessperson), visiting Maradiva Villas Resort or going on a cruise on board Allure of the Seas – the wrold’s largest passenger cruise liner, seems to be the right choice.

Enjoy your reading, and since it’s our last issue this year, I would like to wish you, on behalf of the whole editorial team, all the very best in your personal and professional life. Have a Fruitful New Year!

Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland