The world is changing” – this is the first thing that comes to our mind on seeing the metamorphosis of Istanbul.



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This year, the Turkish metropolis is one of three European Capitals of Culture, which fact triggers a lot of investments. Right before our eyesIstanbulis turning into a modern city, which is becoming more and more open to business. A similar process can be observed in a number of other European cities. For example inPrague, whose Ruzyne airport we visited, or inAmsterdamwhere new districts are being developed, providing a strong impulse to the economic development of the area.

In this issue, we will also take you on other fascinating journeys, particularly to luxurious and unique hotels which we visited inZurich,Milan,Warsaw, and Rawa Mazowiecka. We will give you hands-on reports from flights toTokyo, Nice andMilan.

Talking about business trips, let’s not forget about the other, more pleasant part of such journeys i.e. about those rare moments when we can find some time to rest and unwind. In this issue, we have prepared for you a few top-shelf recommendations. A cruise on board luxurious Silver Spirit ship provides the essence of what is the best in such voyages: elegance, great cuisine, and a very interesting programme. Holidays spent in a Club Med’s village located in theDominican Republicare a great occasion to “recharge” your batteries, especially because Punta Cana is an unforgettable place. And if you wish to visitMontreal- you may take advantage of our pieces of advice on how to spend your free time in the city in an interesting way.

This month, as always, we provide you with various articles on wine, electronics and vehicles, writing about new technologies, solutions, and giving recommendations.

We tend to think that ‘the older the wine, the better it is’, but in this issue of Business Traveller you will find out that that is not always the case. Well, the world is changing… Enjoy your reading.

Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland