July 2019

India is a country that you can either fall in love with right away, or look at with disbelief. One thing is for sure, India is a captivating place. After all, it’s not just a country, but also a whole subcontinent - impossible to fullyexplore and absorb on merely one trip. For many tourists the very first visitto India is a foretaste of the country’s numerous landmarks and attractions, as well as an incentive to want to return here soon. To enter India you need a visa or, more conveniently, the “e-visa”, which since recently has also been available for Polish citizens. Forget about long queues at the embassy - now all the visa formalities can be done online.

Starting September 2019, travellers eager to visit India, will also have anoption to fly with LOT Polish Airlines on board its state-of-the-art B787 Dreamliner aircraft. The service will be running 5 times a week. Also this year,LOT will offer charter flights on Warsaw-Goa route served by the carrier’s fleet of Dreamliners with Business Class cabin.

To meet the expectations of wealthy foreign visitors, Indian investors have built a number of excellent hotels and have done their best to present the country in the most attractive fashion. In this way the world has learnt about the Indian state of Kerala, famous for its Ayurvedic massage andtreatment, beaches, national parks, spices and tea gardens. Affluent tourists also head to refined Himalayan spa resorts, offering picturesque views, oftenlocated in national parks with the opportunity to see the wildlife in their natural habitats. And to top up your unforgettable visit to India, you can always book a relaxing stay in one of the luxury beach resorts situated in the Andaman Islands.

To learn more about this extremely exciting country, read our cover article and… have a beautiful holiday!

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