Those who don’t like lying lazily on a beach chair, don’t feel like hiking along crowded mountain trails, try to avoid noisy lakes full of speeding motorboats , will probably be glad to go on holidays in the city. Cities can be truly beautiful, interesting, inspiring and… full of mysteries. They can impress and surprise, which can’t really be said about the predictable atmosphere of most beaches.

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 If you decide to visit Barcelona or Seville in July od August, I can guarantee you won’t be bored for even a second. The Norwegian Bergen, which is considered the capital of the land of fjords, offers lots of sights, but also delicious food, including herring, shrimp and fresh crab. Eivissa, one of the most intriguing places in the Balearics, isn’t just about monuments, but also the best clubs and discos in the world, which allow you to relax and forget about everyday life. Those who haven’t been to Riga, should definitely make up for this negligence. This city, considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, will amaze even the most discerning travellers. Just like the unknown, beautifully located Bonifacio, which is considered the most photogenic city of Corsica. Those cities, which we write about in this month’s issue, are just the beginning. I wish you a wonderful holiday, hoping that you will eventually find a city that will both enchant and inspire you. Enjoy your reading.

Marzena Mróz, Editor in Chief