June 2013

What are the trends in luxury travel? The economic crisis has changed somewhat, our approach to this subject. Some turn to it in a bid to escape, while others have had to curb their excesses or found their desires are no longer satisfied by conspicuous consumption. But whatever the perception, luxury – in all its evolving forms – is here to stay.

In addition to holiday in the most fashionable resorts in the world, the ability to travel on board a private jet or business dinner at a fancy restaurant, luxury is more and more often understood as something immeasurable in terms of money or contacts. We appreciate the highest quality of service, exceeding our expectations, knowledge of our preferences, as well as the ability to calm down and chill out in a secluded, beautiful spot. Do you know what „wabi sabi” is? This Japanese philosophy of aesthetics taps into people’s desire for things that have authenticity and provenance, that are vintage, organic, artisan, handcrafted or natural. The sentiment has been dubbed “luxury shame”, as people react against ostentatious displays of wealth.


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Health has been a concern of the luxury travel sphere for some time, but Swedish massages, swimming pools and low-calorie minibar snacks just do not cut it anymore. Good physical well-being is now a serious matter – more and more people opt for special treatment abroad, and there is a growing number of enthusiasts of extreme sports as well as those who take parts in marathons or triathlons. Enjoy your reading and have a fantastic holiday!