It's hard to find a country with such enormous contrasts, like India. It's a land of a wonderful and mysterious history and tradition, which everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime.

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India is also a place of expanding business. It’s like a Bollywood film production: sparkling with colours, lavish and full of music. We invite you then to a journey through India to experience this amazing country for a short while.

This issue is full of unusual places. One of them is Bangkok, which we visit with Turkish Airlines, and where we describe one of the best local hotels. Other recommendable hotels we test in this issue are located in Warsaw, Donetsk, Vienna and Chicago. Hong Kong is one of the Asian Tigers – and it’s a truly amazing place. No wonder then, that the local airport is being continuously expanded and each year it handles a bigger number of passengers. We look there to show how this complex structure functions.

We also explain what the term „fifth freedom” means, thanks to which carriers are forced to constant competition, which, in turn, is beneficial for travellers. We also advise you what you should do in order not to develop a double chin or a beer belly when you travel frequently. You will also find out that you can take care of your physical fitness even on a plane or in your hotel room, using the things you can find there.

Winter is coming, so it’s high time to choose a ski resort for this season. In this issue, we suggest the French Alps. And if you prefer warm climates, we recommend Aruba with its excellent base to organize a perfect incentive trip. We also check to see what is there to do and see in four hours in Dubai. Remember about Business Traveller. Enjoy your reading.

Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland