November 2013

Summer in Europe ended a long time ago, but you can still find it on other continents. If you are searching for the sun and the warm breeze, you can always visit with us Buenos Aires, Singapore, the Maldives and Hawaii. You can also spend a fantastic time in Tokyo, Madera and Cordoba – going there on a business trip or just for short autumn holidays.

Our British correspondent Liat Clark discovers that though the Argentine capital has transformed itself in the past decade – though its life-affirming vibe remains steadfast. He presents the divine Buenos as a place where it is not only worth investing, but also spending holidays in boutique hotels located in such trendy districts as Recoleta, San Telmo, Palermo Soho, or Palermo Hollywood. Tokyo, widely regarded as the greatest city in the world, is renowned for its ultrafast trains and long tea-making ceremonies. The city packed with concrete housing estates, but at the same time worshipping the nature. The kitschy Hallo Kitty goes here hand in hand with the sophisticated haiku poetry.

It is definitely worth going there this autumn, taking advantage of the discounted pricing of airline tickets. Agata Janicka claims that the best way to tour Tokyo is by underground rail with one of its 13 lines. If in autumn you happen to be in Andalusia, you should definitely visit Cordoba. This proud raw city, which seems to hide a lot of dark secrets, is one of the most interesting in Spain. Located on the River Guadalquivir, it offers many sights – including one of the most beautiful churches in the world – the mosque of the caliphs. Cordoba also boasts excellent conference facilities, sophisticated restaurants and hotels. Enjoy your reading and the autumn escapades!


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