Golf isn’t just an extremely difficult discipline, which requires extraordinary control to hole the ball, as well as concentration, and technical perfection.

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It’s, basically, a lifestyle and an etiquette you must comply with. This elite sport, which was once in Poland considered to be manifestation of the imperialist indecency, is now gaining more and more enthusiasts. The last few years have marked a rapid development of golf in our country, so this month we have decided to present the best Polish golf courses.

We are accustomed to long journeys. There are, however, certain things that we cant put up with during a flight. In this month’s issue you can read about 101 reasons why we hate flying. And since we’re talking about travelling, I recommend this issue’s reports from our stays at hotels in Warsaw, Krynica, Zakopane, Wrocław and Zurich. We also went to Moscow to look at the city’s local airports, which have great aspirations, but whose development is still somewhat being hindered by the shadows form the dark, communist past. This month, we also visited California and Nevada, USA, to find out how suitable they are as venues for an unforgettable incentive trip. We also invite you to Bombay, recommending the best ways of spending your free time while on a business trip there.

Autumn has finally come, and perhaps it’s time to start thinking about the way we will welcome the New Year. Our proposal is truly original – a New Year cruise aboard a luxury cruise liner. It’s bound to be unforgettable.

I also recommend our regular articles on technological novelties, cars, as well as the cultural news. After all, our magazine is like one of the golf master strokes –  „hole in one”.

Enjoy your reading.

Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland