March 2013

I love airports - this seemingly anonymous space, which you can easily get used to, and sometimes even slightly addicted. I collect airports I have visited, proudly putting on my private list all the modern, traveller-friendly, luxury, and even sophisticated ones.


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 Recently, during my trip to Iran, I landed at Khomeini Airport in Tehran. I was taken aback with the modern decor of the place – colourful designer furniture in the business lounge, delicious European breakfast and the best pomegranate juice I have ever drunk. Looking outside the window I could see the huge Alborz mountain range and empty spaces, which are not an uncommon sight in this extraordinary country. I invite you to read our feature article entitled “Gateway to tomorrow”. You will find out which countries are building the world’s most modern hubs that will be completely different from the airports that we know now. By 2050, the number of passengers travelling by air will increase from the current 2.8 to 16 billion. This means that large hubs will have a huge impact on cities, communities, and national economies. As a consequence, imaginative architects are going to be essential to make airports as efficient and attractive as possible. One thing is for sure – the days of designing airports that are functional and concrete are definitely over. Enjoy your reading!

Marzena Mróz, redaktor naczelna Business Traveller Poland