If you have ever happened to work in a place with too little space, you know how difficult it may be.


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Those special needs of business passengers have finally been addressed by airlines which more and more often offer us more leg space – obviously at an extra charge. We have decided to have a closer look at such offers and try to find out whether they are worth the money. For more details, read our feature in this issue.

This is, however, not the only advice here. You will also learn here how to save money when organizing business meetings – there are as many as 20 tips on this subject.  We advise you where to go to find more sun and relaxation – this time we have chosen Tenerife and Gomera, but, as you might have already guessed from the cover this issue, we also check the best places to go skiing, recommending the resorts which are perhaps less popular, but still worth visiting.

As for T&T section, we checked for you the flight fromWarsawto Frankfurt, and hotels inBydgoszcz,Moscow, andPrague. The popular T&T section is growing larger – this time we have also tested for you a new digital camera. You will also be taken to another culinary trip to the place which is quite mysterious regarding its cuisine. However,Icelandhas more to offer than we might think. Similarly to one of the most ‘intense’ cities of Europe –Amsterdam, where we advise you how to spend there effectively 4 hours of free time.

We all know how important role plays a business lounge at an airport. That is why I would like you to read our article on the newest one, recently opened at Okęcie airport, and named Business Lounge Polonez

Finally, in this issue we try to predict the future of car rental companies with more and more electric cars entering the market, and we check the novelties in the world of tablets.

Enjoy your reading.

Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland