We all know how important a good style is in the life of a businessperson. A style-conscious person should look fashionable and classy.



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This, of course, requires at least some basic knowledge of the current fashion trends. However, very often we don’t have enough time to observe the latest trends. That is why, our feature article will tell you what to do in order to become a stylish businessperson without devoting too much time to learning the elaborate complexities of fashion and without spending a fortune (although some stylists can be quite pricey).

I hope you have noticed that our magazine is devoting more and more space to articles on style, fashion, and the likes, since they seem an indispensable in the life of a businessperson. We write about technical novelties, interesting cars, wine, as well as about fashion, and cuisine. In this issue we will have a closer look at Tuscan delicacies. The choice is not accidental as the Italian cuisine seems to be the most dominant at various business meetings.

Also in this issue, you will find out more about various stylish places such as elegant Hilton Hotel inGdańsk, Czarny Potok in Zakopane, Cavalieri inRome, Hyatt Regency in Kioto, or Ritz-Carlton inTokyo. We also write about an excellent connection toTokyo, and ad regards European destinations, we recommend a connection fromBudapest. We also visit the airport inBrussels, and check the latest news from LOT Polish Airlines, Finnair, and Royal Air Maroc. As for exotic journeys, we encourage you to visitDubaiwhich seems to be an excellent spot to organize one of your incentive trips.

In this issue, however, we haven’t forgotten about some less serious topics, such as relaxation. We all know how important it is to take a short break from all our business duties. That is why, we recommend a cruise aboard a luxurious Silver Shadow cruiser, and a visit to one of two elegant Club Med’s villages inMexico.

Enjoy your reading.

Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland