MAY 2011

People have drunk wine for centuries, and today it’s still quite a popular drink. It’s also a nice on board companion of a business traveller.



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It would be difficult to imagine a flight – especially a long one – without a possibility to take a sip of wine. Not only does it add more character to your meal, but is also a good start to a conversation, and helps you to get to know other passengers. Without a doubt, wine has become an integral part of airlines’ offer, and the higher the cabin class, the more interesting choice of wine we get. We’ve decided to check, what wine various air carriers have on their offer, and award the best ones. We present the results in this very issue.

Talking about checking, you must admit, that since we were given an opportunity to check-in online, we sometimes forget what good old check-in desks look like. These can, however, be found not only at airports, but also in the city centres. We present you with a selection of spots, where you can check in, before going to the airport.

In this issue we also invite you to the Parisian CDG, i.e. Charles de Gaulle airport – the second busiest in Europe. We will also take you on a flight from Miami to Rome, and visit hotels in Ożarowo Mazowieckie, Warsaw and Sopot, as well as the cities of Hamburg and New York. We will check the incentive trip offer in Budapest and play golf in Spain, since there are plenty of golf courses to choose from.

Traditionally, a Business Traveller issue wouldn’t be complete without articles on technology and food. This time, you will find here a test of a digital camera, the latest news from the automotive industry, as well as articles on wines and best cheese we can get in the French Alps. So, dig in and enjoy your reading!

Robert Grzybowski, publisher of Business Traveller Poland