July – August 2013

A visit to an island is different from a trip to the mainland. Staying on an island, we are in a confined space, surrounded on all sides by the sea, with its own traditions and customs, which often substantially differ from the nearby lands.

An island, with its enclosed space is usually a coherent whole, and often just one stay is enough to visit it in its entirety. Small and large, secluded and lively, often mysterious and romantic islands are perfect holiday spots. Among numerous European islands we have chosen ten which we particularly recommend to those who are planning their summer holidays.

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Our list includes the blue islands of Mykonos and Santorini, Ischia which is famous for its thermal waters, Sardinia with its incredibly white beaches and the remarkably turquoise sea, Sicily with its numerous historical buildings and treasures, the island of Corsica with high mountain tops, Rhodes which is now a mecca for surfers, Gomera with its moon-like landscape, and Ibiza which is widely regarded as the kingdom of fun. Finally, there is the island of Mljet – still relatively unknown, but worth visiting as it is surrounded by the blue Adriatic, and from the air it looks like a lizard basking in the sun. Have a wonderful holiday!